Eisler’s Essay Exceptional

With his e-publishing of his essay:”The Ass Is A Poor Receptacle For The Head – Why Democrats Suck At Communication, And How They Could Improve” (Shoe-in for title of the year), Barry Eisler jumps off the bridge into the black water of would a-could a-should a politics.

Using his vast marketing skills, he zeros in on the blatant lack thereof in the Democratic party to date. In a few short chapters Eisler makes gives advice that should have been presumed elementary in any campaign – political or otherwise. Makes you wonder what those $Million$ dollar press agencies really do. Simple things like : picking the right name for your plan [chap. 7] and imagery as a marketing tool [Chap.6]

Barry’s background with the CIA and as a lawyer may have given him extra insight into the fine art of interrogation. Where this become helpful in the political arena is at the debate table. Turning the opposition’s words inside out and back at them is an art[chap.3]. Not unlike the judo principal of using your opponents own force to defeat him.

This sound like a pretty heavy essay. The fact is, it is easy to read, quite funny in parts and sends the message: All is not lost if they could just get their heads out of their collective asses!


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