Let’s Hear It for Lust

I trust Lust. Lust is simply a chemical reaction. Lust is basic science. And who wants to argue with science? Lust has a simple goal: to relieve sexual tension and make the body feel pretty damn good. Emotionally it is straight forward. “I like this” “This is fun” “I am satisfied.” With a partner who feels the same; sex becomes simply a means to a very enjoyable end…climax. You aren’t preoccupied with thoughts of “What will s/he think of me in the morning” or “I shouldn’t ask for this or do this”. Mutual satisfaction is the goal and it is usually reached. A strong lusty relationship can be ongoing or a one night extravaganza. But in either case it doesn’t require exclusivity or vague promises for the future.

Love on the other hand comes with a pile of baggage. Love is for the most part proprietary lust. “You can only lust for me and I promise to only lust for you”. How lame that? Desire can be controlled for a while. But when it does raise it’s ugly head what you now have is guilt. Even if you don’t act on it, you will feel as if you let your partner down by acknowledging the chemistry.  Love makes you promise things that are unnatural if not impossible. “Forever” is a long long time. Hell, next Thursday is to far off for a definite maybe!

Now, you can have a good loving relationship that is lustful. They seem to last the longest and show themselves to be most satisfying.  But watch how these relationships get rocky as soon as the physical attraction wanes.  How many men never thought of cheating on their wives until pregnancy made sex un-enjoyable? How many women found fantasy lovers in Romance novels more desirable than their husband in their own beds? The day to day grind makes sex take a back seat to getting a good nights sleep. Once Lust takes a back seat, what is left in a relationship is habit and dependency

So, we have all these prominent politicians with their newsworthy “Lust Busts”. I guess it is extremely difficult to be all things to all the people. They must be yearning for the laissezaller of  their youth. We want politicians to solve all our problems without getting us directly involved. Their parties want them to be outspoken but only to the Party’s point of view. If they are married they must also be an involved parent and perfect husband. It’s amazing any one of them wants to take the job. Who can blame them if Lust seems like a perfect escape from the real world? Of course the real world will crumble around them, we don’t want people like “that” running our government.

This behavior is perfectly acceptable to the common folk. We e-mail dirty jokes to our friends. We comment on a good looking onion (butt). We primp and preen so that we are attractive to the opposite sex. And to be honest, our day is really complete if, at some point, we are lightly propositioned…Hey, hey I’ve still got it! We all lust! Most of us don’t act on it. But truthfully…Don’t you regret it sometimes?


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